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Church Locations
The Church 3:20
8601 Youngerman Court Ste #1
Jacksonville, FL 32244
Ofc: 904-779-0101
Fax: 904-779-0250
Services are held at 11:00am every Sunday
Office Hours:
Mon-Thurs: 10AM - 4PM
Fridays: 10AM - 1PM

National TV Broadcasts:

Watch our daily TV Broadcast on the Impact Network via Dish Network Channel 9397 Mon-Sat 8am-9am and 7pm-8pm; Sundays 9:30am-10:30am and 7pm-8pm.

Local TV Broadcasts:

  • * Fox 30 at 9am every Sunday
  • * Comcast Channel 99 at 9:30am every Sunday
  • * WJXT Channel 4 at 10:30am
  • * WCWJ 17 at 11am every Sunday

View our Sunday Services via LifeStream TV at  http://www.lifestream.tv/stanleywilliams/

Every Sunday at 11:15am

LifeStream TV